$10,000 Colour Studio Voucher 

The Voucher:

This promotion can be used on all contracts signed and is applicable on all standard and custom designs. 

The $10,000 voucher can be redeemed on any item or selection that is available in the Colour Studio, this includes floor coverings, air-conditioning, tapware, PC items, appliances, colour selections, fittings, electrical upgrades, facade treatments and kitchen finishes. Selected upgrade items will replace of be in addition to items outlined in the standard specifications. 

Selection values are the Colour Studio retail prices, including GST. The voucher amount will be shown as a variation. 

Should the amount of $10,000 not be spent in the Colour Studio on upgrade selections, the balance cannot be used on any other variations, transferred, exchanged, or redeemed as cash or as a reduction of the tender price.